The Early Careers Conference - Excelling in the Classroom

Aug 15 2013
Start Date: 12:00AM Aug 15 2013
End Date: 12:00AM Aug 15 2013
Organiser: The Centre for Strategic Education
Venue: Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG),Brunton Avenue,East Melbourne, VIC 3002,Australia
Contact Person:
Address: 82 Jolimont St
East Melbourne VIC 3002
Contact No: +61 3 9654 1200

Early Career Teachers must take responsibility for their students� learning as they are taking on the fundamentals and exciting challenges of their own new roles.Your first years of teaching can be both exhilarating and exhausting. There will be amazing days when you know you have chosen the right career and on these days you stride to the carpark with a sense of �I think I can do this�. However, there will be days when you feel overwhelmed by the expectations of the students, school and parents. What you need to know is this is normal!! Teaching is a craft that takes time, patience and practice. The upside is that generally the good days start to exceed the bad and your exhaustion turns to greater fulfillment�you start to realise you are making a difference in the lives of your young learners.